“Effective technology enhances the experience without impeding the learning.”
– CJ Deitrick, Training Manager

Mastery First, Technology Second

The right equipment isn’t useful without the knowledge to read its results. Before anything else, our training curricula prioritizes that knowledge: All clinical and market access learning objectives are first met without using technology. Then, as your team begins to understand the data, we wrap the curriculum in our Alkemy Mobile Learning and Engagement Platform to enhance engagement and, most importantly, the fun.


More Than a Platform

Our Learning and Engagement Platform isn’t just a training tool for your team—it’s a dynamic solution to their individual needs and goals.

Customized for Innovation

We designed our platform to meet your team’s objectives and track their success. Every day, our tech geeks, trainers and instructional designers engage thousands of active users in online learning lessons with measurable results.


Mobile Learning

Perfect for on-the-go team members, who want to maximize their busy schedule.

Virtual Training

Recreate your classroom or meeting hall with a live PowerPoint deck and presenter.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time reporting including login stats, poll results and engagement results for live broadcasts.