Training & Facilitation

“Mastery is the catalyst for change.”
–  Jennifer Bartosh, Head of Training

The Method of Mastery

True masters are always learning, always updating old methods based on new data. That’s why our approach is founded in training: We create a culture of learning, so your team is always improving their skills to effect the greatest change.

For nearly a decade, our team of master trainers has served as a contracted department for small and mid-sized companies with large teams. We fuse market access and clinical setting knowledge with selling skills—preparing your team to master your product and its historical perspective.

Read the Data

All theories should be tested, so you shouldn’t just take our word that your teams are increasing proficiency. Our robust reporting allows you to observe as they become masters. From attendance reports to testing results, you can track each member’s performance in and out of the classroom.

The Perfect Mixture

From a single workshop to facilitating an entire department, our Alkemysts mix the right formula for your training needs.


Workshop Facilitation

We provide the materials and training for an individual workshop or a series on related topics. Our workshops are perfect for:

  • New hire orientation
  • Reinforcing important concepts
  • Updated policies and procedures

Extended Training

Need more learning than a workshop series can offer? Explore concepts at a deeper level for maximum reinforcement, designed for:

  • Product launches
  • Cross-training team members
  • Skill development

Dedicated Training Team

Meet your training and content goals without the expensive price tag. Our team will act as an off-site training department, offering:

  • Project manager support
  • Agenda creation & evolution
  • Weekly status calls